I Can't Go Back

I’m too far gone.

Perhaps it’s the smoothness of your soft voice,

Or the mesmerizing way in which your body moves as you walk, as one unit pushing forward.

The tenderness of your touch?

The care constantly expressed in your eyes?

But the thing is, whatever it is that keeps me drawn to you,




I don’t care.

I don’t care, because I don’t need a reason anymore.

I don’t need a reason for my feelings to feel validated, as if I need to tabulate all grounds for my emotions.

All I know, is that the way you make me feel is…sensational.

Every moment spent with you, be it long or short, is treasured by me.

Because it’s not just an interaction.

It’s a culmination of every single positive emotion one can perceive: joy, appreciation, balance, adoration, connection…love.

I can’t go back to before all of this started

I wouldn’t want to if I had the chance.

Because “adrenas”,


You’re too special to ever leave behind.

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